Lizzo Believes She Is Shadowbanned On TikTok

Lizzo is not happy with TikTok.

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Lizzo Believes She Is Shadowbanned On TikTok

As tour season is underway, TikTok has been saturated with concert-related content. Lizzo has officially returned to the stage to finish out the last leg of her Special Tour. on May 5th, Lizzo announced she had to cancel her Montreal tour date due to health issues. After canceling an additional tour date, she returned to the stage in Baltimore, Maryland on May 9th. Celebrating her return, Lizzo posted a video of her during the Baltimore date on her social media. Additionally, she theorized she had been shadowbanned from TikTok.

On May 10th, Lizzo posted a video on TikTok stating her belief to be shadow banned from the popular app. She noticed the differences in viewership between Instagram and Tik Tok.“I’m officially shadow banned, because how did I post this on Instagram and it already has 135 thousand views," she said. The video was noticeably cut short. She continued her statement by adding the caption: "In less than 30 minutes?” Lizzo expressed her disappointment in the written caption seemingly wanting to delete the platform. “Deleting this but this app getting wack," she said with a tomato emoji. Although she has more TikTok followers, she gained more views on Instagram instead.

Lizzo Explains Her Theory

Moreover, Lizzo has not completely left the app. She followed up with her last video by responding to a fan who asked about tour footage during another tour. Lizzo ultimately responded that she would not be posting any more tour footage to TikTok. Additionally, Lizzo is one of the more popular creators on TikTok, content ranges from music, body positivity, viral challenges, and more. Her TikTok following is at a staggering 26.9 Million views. Earlier today, Lizzo continued to speak on a Twitter thread touching on the 90's beauty standards. She gave her take on the evolution of the term "thick" throughout time.

Furthermore, Lizzo is set to take the stage later this week in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on May 11th. For any tour content, you can tune in to Lizzo's Instagram page as she will no longer post it on TikTok. Do you believe Lizzo has been shadowbanned? Let us know what you think in the comments down below.

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