Blueface’s Mom Claims Chrisean Rock Is Having A Boy

There’s baby gender claims afoot

BYBen Mock
Blueface’s Mom Claims Chrisean Rock Is Having A Boy

The relationship between Blueface and Chrisean Rock is the story about two up-and-coming rappers who have found themselves entwined in one another's lives. Rock is reportedly pregnant with Blueface's baby, although there may be some doubt about that. Meanwhile, Blueface appeared to call Rock his "cellmate", as opposed to "soulmate" in a recent interview. They have a unique relationship, to say the least. But hey, as long as they're happy.

Now, we all know that every couple has their own feelings about whether they want to reveal, or even know, the sex of their baby. Some people have gone as far as to cause millions of dollars of damage to protected wildlands just so everyone knows their baby has a dick. Meanwhile, some couples refuse to learn until the baby is out in the world. But what about if your baby daddy's mom appears to leak the news on Instagram?

Blueface's Mom Seemingly Reveals Grandchild's Gender

On Instagram, Blueface's mom posted a picture of her kissing a belly with the caption "It's a boy". She followed that up with another post of an ultrasound, with the caption "Congratulations, look at them legs". So did Blueface's mom reveal the sex of her grandchild? Somehow, the answer is not as simple as yes or no. And god, I wish the answer was as simple as yes or no.

That's because some people don't believe that Chrisean Rock is even pregnant. "Chrisean not even pregnant she just bloated" reads on tweet on the matter. Other people, including Onsite!, who collated the images from Blueface's mom, argue that "Chrisean had abs last week", implying that it couldn't be her in the "it's a boy" picture. Now, it's true that Chrisean has been blessed with a tight figure, even if she is pregnant. However, this is nothing new. NLE Choppa's baby momma, Marissa Da'Nae, recently posted about how she went from beach bod to beach ball belly in a month. Meanwhile, you can argue that Chrisean "looks pregnant" in recent Instagram pictures but it's hard to tell. Until Rock or Blueface confirms the rumor, all we can do is speculate.


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