Chrisean Rock Opens Up About Pregnancy

The mother-to-be shared her struggles and experience in a new Instgram post

BYBen Mock
Chrisean Rock Opens Up About Pregnancy

Many of the recent headlines about Chrisean Rock have been about her pregnancy. The up-and-coming rapper is pregnant with Blueface's baby, though he claims there is a chance it isn't his.

However, as with any celebrity pregnancy, there is of course a lot of drama. Blueface's mom appeared to reveal that Blueface and Rock were having a baby boy. Meanwhile, there are a lot of people online who don't believe Rock is pregnant. They point to an inconsistent timeline (and general ignorance about pregnancy) to argue that Rock is not actually with child. However, the musician has finally broke her silence on the issue.

Rock Makes Long IG Post About Her Pregnancy

Rock took to Instagram, sharing a video of her during an ultrasound. However, more information was found in the post's long caption. "Sheesh I’m 20weeks already but When I seen the face of what was growing inside of me I had to pray the fear away of being a mommy. I’m currently documenting with @thezeusnetwork and it’s super overwhelming because this pregnancy was planned but now he don’t see a future with me anymore." The caption continues, "We both done things to each other tht we lost trust so I was left with option aborting I was surprised I’m tht far along that it’s no turning back from being a mommy I instantly fell in love wen I saw the face n heard the heart beat…"

"The bad thoughts like “I don’t want to be rock anymore,I don’t want to be famous, I F’cked up, I should have stayed in school” but I had to separate my heartbreak from the biggest thing that I prayed for n in da beginning. I’m not gonna move out of fear . I’m ok with moving on I’m ok with letting go anything that’s not for me . Having a child won’t stop me from Making money,learning, developing more love n time for my self. I don’t need a dollar from anyone to be here for this child I’m blessed n highly favored so thats the only thing tht matters rn. I can’t wait to show my journey through the ups n downs in this experience. Through it all I’m gone win." It's a powerful, and deeply honest, statement.


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