Kid Cudi says that his next album will be released later in the year and be preceded by several singles over the summer. He teased his plans for the rest of 2023 in a pair of tweets posted on Monday. Cudi also confirmed that he intends to embark on a world tour to promote the new songs. The comments come after he recently hinted at retiring from music after his next project.

“Album this Fall. First singles this summer. The new chapter has begun,” Cudi wrote. “Ur not prepared man. We’ve reached a new level.” In another tweet, he replied to a fan: “World tour next year. Count on it.”

Kid Cudi On His Next Album

The announcement comes months after Cudi recently discussed his desire to retire with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe. At the time, Cudi had recently released his eighth studio album, Entergalactic. “The Kid Cudi stuff, I think I want to put it on the back burner and chill out with that. I think, I want to be done with it. I think, closing the chapter on Kid Cudi,” he admitted. “I’ve said a lot and I have other desires, I have other things I want to do. And I do not see me never making music. I’ll always fuck around in the studio, or make something here and there. But, as far as getting in the studio and working on an album, and then going and touring it, I just don’t have it in me.”

As for what Cudi said he’d be interested in doing, he explained: “I really want to spend more time with my daughter. You know what I’m saying? We’ve been kicking it a lot lately and I’ve been having more time and it’s good. She’s growing up, our relationship is super tight. It’s what I always dreamed of.” A few months later, in November, Cudi confirmed that he’d make one more album to get out of his current deal with Republic Records. From there, Cudi says that he’s not sure what fans can expect from his career afterward.

The Tour Announcement