Each and every Valentine’s Day, couples all around the world shock their Instagram followers by hard launching their relationship. Whether it’s the outcasts from high school you’d never picture together or two celebrities you’ve never met, the holiday has been known to yield shocking gossip. Among the latter category this year was an unexpected pair – Eric André and Emily Ratajkowski.

Eric Andre (L) and Emily Ratajkowski are seen in the West Village on February 10, 2023 in New York City. (Photo by Gotham/GC Images)

The comedian and the model began sparking romance rumours long before cupid came around. Unfortunately, it seems their fling may have ended just as quickly as it began. On Tuesday (February 14), André broke the internet with some scandalous selfies of the pair, causing their apparent coupling to become a hot topic of discourse. For the most part, many seem to be in favour of the pair, pointing out that it’s nice to see a runway model romancing someone less conventionally attractive than her.

Obviously, the nearly-nude photos of Ratajowski and André didn’t exactly confirm that they’re dating. Still, they did lead many to assume. On Friday (February 17), the mother of one further pushed these rumours forward with a TikTok which also seemingly hints at the end of their brief love affair. In the clip, she appears to lay in bed topless while using one of the app’s trending sounds.

“What should you do when a relationship ends?” the 31-year-old wrote on the screen. Her own answer to the question? “Start another one.” The point of the trend is for users to call themselves out on their toxic traits. It seems as though EmRata is willing to amid that she jumps from man to man more quickly than she’d like. Of course, this doesn’t mean she and André have wrapped. Seeing how quickly things with her and Pete Davidson went south, though, it wouldn’t be surprising.

The last few weeks of 2022 saw Ratajkowski spending her free time with the Saturday Night Live alum. After a few weeks of date nights and paparazzi shots, though, they called it quits. The New Yorker has since moved on with his co-star Chase Sui Wonders, while the brunette beauty vented about attracting “the worst men” shortly after. Read everything Emily had to say here, and check back later for more pop culture news updates.