An interaction with Cardi B apparently caused Noreaga to reevaluate how he approaches women in the industry. The Rap icon’s musical contributions to Hip Hop are etched in stone, but his success as a podcast host has catapulted him to new heights. Drink Champs is a leading force in Hip Hop media, and they recently inked a new deal with Warner Music Group’s in-house network, Interval Presents.

Nore was recently a guest on The Joe Budden Podcast, where he revealed that a conversation with a rapper shifted how he approached his interviews. “When I had the conversation with Cardi B, she kinda like, revealed things that I was doing on the show,” said Nore. “It made her think I was dissing her.” He further admitted that other women in Rap took issue with remarks he made on Drink Champs about them, as well. This included Foxy Brown and Lil Kim, who Nore said confronted him with similar concerns.

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“It was almost identical. And I realized, one, I’m not playing with females at all,” he continued. “Ever again. I apologize, women, y’all got my whole ears. Apologize. I did not know what I was doing. And when Cardi told me how sometimes these questions, it’s different when you ask it for females. I didn’t realize that ’cause I’m not a female.”

“And I actually—’cause I don’t feel sorry for nobody famous,” Noreaga further shared. “If you famous and rich, I’m sorry, f*ck you. And that was the first time that I was like, ‘I’m sorry.’ Actually, I don’t know if I said that to her, I think I did say ‘I’m sorry, Cardi.’ Because I didn’t realize the same questions I could ask, it’s different when I ask it of a female.”

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At the end of December, Nore said he welcomed Cardi to Drink Champs after having a “great conversation” with her. At the time, he didn’t explain what the discussion was about, but it may have had something to do with his recent revelation. No word if she’s accepted the invitation, but we’ll keep you posted if it materializes. Check out the clip of Noreaga on The Joe Budden Podcast above.