In a new interview with the U.K. publication The Guardian, singer Ty Dolla $ign shares his opinion on a variety of topics, including the fact that he thinks mixtapes are dated.

“Mixtapes are dead, by the way. People don’t even have CD players anymore,” he clarified. It’s an about-face when you consider the beginning of his career, which the article says was spent releasing a slew of mixtapes while fostering friendships with the likes of 50 Cent and YG. Ty Dolla $ign also admitted that he’s not always feeling the songs he’s featured on.

“There’s been many songs that I don’t feel that I’ve put out. [But if] somebody in the room feels it, if it makes them smile or dance or makes them feel good, then, you know, I’ll do it,” he said. As a result, “I turn people down a lot,” the singer explained. “People send s**t in and if I don’t feel anything, which doesn’t mean a song is or isn’t dope, I just don’t hop on it.”