Seattle producer Jake One has been providing dope instrumentals to many of your favorite rappers for years, but he’s old school enough that he doesn’t keep them to himself. The cleverly titled (or not titled) 🙏, or #PrayerHandsEmoji, features 24 beats from Jake One’s probably limitless vault.

Most of the beats are brand new, but he does throw in a few more well-known beats he’s given to rappers. The previously used beats include instrumentals to Jay Z & Rick Ross’ “3 Kings,” The Games’ “Hallelujah,” Wale’s “Limitless” and the original version of Drake’s “Furthest Thing.” Jake One loves his live instrumental samples, so you’ll find plenty of funk piano, drum and horn samples flipped throughout the tape.

Beat tapes from top producers are few and far between these days, so go get your struggle rapper on and spit some bars over these. It’s what Jake One wants.