It’s been a hot minute since we’ve heard from Pro Era affiliate Kirk Knight. Previously, he brought Nyck @ Knight back when he dropped “Casamigos Freestyle” with Nyck Caution. Other than that, it’s been relatively quiet on his end, but he’s back. Kirk Knight has just released “Walkthru,” a floaty new trap cut complete with a bright music video.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

While Knight has kept it more low-key since his Pro Era days, that time has come with artistic development. Now, he’s ditched the New York flows and old-school lyricism and thrown out the boom-bap (at least, for this track). Instead, the Brooklyn MC goes for a cold and more melodic flow to match a psych-inspired trap beat. Even considering this shift, Knight has been committed to continuing his and other artists’ legacies in many ways. For example, he produced the late rapper Chynna’s posthumous single “Burnout,” which is a slower but heavier trap track.

However, going back to “Walkthru,” Knight brings some sliding synth melodies to the table à la Travis Scott. Actually, there are a few layers of these synth melodies on top of each other, so there’s some slight variation. Meanwhile, the trap drum pattern employs a lot of different fluttering hi-hats. They make the track slightly unpredictable as they slow down, fade out, and add some texture to the mix. Most importantly, almost every element in the mix has some added reverb. Moreover, it makes the song feel spacey, distant, and atmospheric.

The same goes for Knight’s vocal performance. As previously mentioned, the more melodic flows fit snugly with the song’s bounce. It might not be revolutionary from a trap perspective, but to hear a seasoned spitter switch it up is, at the very least, fun. Additionally, the 27-year-old chooses to echo certain lines and refrains throughout his verse. It supports the track and gives listeners just a little more to latch onto as he goes through his verse.

From a lyrical perspective, there’s not much different here than what you’ll find on other trap cuts. But the same goes for all of them. Therefore, Knight hones the flow on this above all, but still works in some quotables. “Stacking this money so high, I can see heaven for sure,” he proclaims.

If you rock with Pro Era, don’t let the genre switch stop you from checking it out. You can find Kirk Knight’s latest song on SoundCloud and check out the music video on YouTube. Also, peep some standout lines from “Walkthru” below.

Quotable Lyrics

I f***ked her on my car, don’t love you, please stop stalking me,
Talkin’ nice flow, gettin’ top, don’t play where oppers be,
Calculatin’ off the addy, want the glow for free,
I ain’t pack a bag when I land a shopping spree