Old beef resurfaced when Jim Jones claimed to have footage of the fight between himself and Freddie Gibbs.

In December 2021, the two rappers got into an altercation outside a fancy steakhouse in Miami. According to eyewitness accounts, the groups crossed paths when Jim’s posse was leaving the restaurant as Freddie’s team was walking in. The two then began exchanging choice words about some issues they’d had in the past. 

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

It wasn’t long before all hell broke loose and fists started flying. However, due to the lack of footage, it’s impossible to know exactly what happened. Some alleged eyewitnesses shared their experiences on Twitter. One such person tweeted:

“Just saw Jim Jones and his crew laying fools out in Miami on South Beach! It was Freddie Gibbs and his pose BTW… dudes got mad afterwards because we were laughing at how homeboy’s head repeatedly got slammed into the couch.”

Now, almost a year later, the Dipset rapper is claiming he has footage from the fight that contradicts Gibbs’ recent statement that it was little more than a “food fight.”

Mike Windle/Getty Images for Equinox

The NY native suggested he might release the footage, but hasn’t done so as of yet. Instead, he’s released a video of himself giving his opinions on the beef.

The Indiana artist was recently asked about the altercation during an interview with The Breakfast Club, where he downplayed the rumors of himself getting beat down.

“I let street sh*t stay in the streets and I don’t got a problem with anyone doing better than me,” he said. “It was some furniture moving, but it was a food fight or something like that. It wasn’t nothing crazy like that. Nobody got f*cked up to that point.”

He also mentioned his previous contention with Benny The Butcher. See what other beef Gibbs is involved in here.