Lil Nas X Jokes That He “Fell In Love” With A “Homophobic Protester” Outside Of Concert

While on the Long Live Montero Tour, he tried to buy them pizza but they rejected his offer.

BYErika Marie
Lil Nas X Jokes That He “Fell In Love” With A “Homophobic Protester” Outside Of Concert

If you're an artist who once sold Satan shoes and released a music video giving the devil a lapdance, it's not far-fetched to expect religious folk to protest your concerts. Lil Nas X has been storming pop culture since his "Old Town Road" viral mania, but he has managed to move from what was expected to be a one-hit wonder into a full-blown, international superstar.

With all of the fame and money have come problems, especially after he came out as gay. Lil Nas X's satirical takes often unfold in his art, from the pregnancy photoshoot for his last album to the religious imagery in the visual to "Montero." Not everyone thought they were funny.

Lil Nas X Jokes That He "Fell In Love" With A "Homophobic Protester" Outside Of Concert
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People have labeled him as "evil" or "demonic," but they are attacks that the rapper takes in stride. Now that he's in the thick of his Long Live Montero Tour, he's once again finding that religious groups are protesting outside of venues from one tour stop to the next. Although they may not be his biggest fans, or fans at all, Lil Nas X is making sure they're taken care of as they spend hours outside.

"Just told my team to send them pizza, this is really good promo!" joked Nas X as he tweeted a video of the protesters. Later he returned with an update. "They didn’t want the pizza but i accidentally fell in love with one of the homophobic protestors."

Check it out below.

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