Gina Hunyh Apologized To Cassie For Allegedly Cheating With Diddy

Gina claims that she’s all about “women empowerment” and “deep down” feels bad,” but she “was so crazy in love.”

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Gina Hunyh Apologized To Cassie For Allegedly Cheating With Diddy

Their relationship came to a screeching halt in 2018, but for 11 years, Cassie and Diddy were one of Hip Hop's most (seemingly) stable relationships. The Bad Boy mogul and the songbird were photographed together on red carpets around the world and she had even been signed to his label, but the pair surprised fans when they announced that their romance had ended. By the conclusion of that year, Cassie shared that she moved on with Alex Fine, and by 2019, the new couple was expecting their first child.

Now married to Fine with two young children, Cassie has obviously moved on with her life, but her time with Diddy was once again revisited by the Rap icon's "friend," Gina Huynh. The apparent on-again-off-again situationship involving Diddy and Gina resurfaced following her spat with Yung Miami, and now Gina tells TheJasmineBrand that she cheated with Diddy while he was with Cassie.

Gina began by saying that she always told herself that she would never "mess with a guy with a girlfriend," but after meeting Diddy, "he was so charming."

"I just kinda fell for it," she added. "I was young, naive about it. Didn't know no better. It was enticing. It was very tempting to like—and it was also hard not to. And, um, I do feel bad, though. You know? 'Cause I'm a girly girl, I'm for the girls, I'm woman empowerment and I want to stand for that. I apologized to her afterwards."

Gina specified that she did speak with Cassie after the singer's relationship with Diddy ended. "'Cause deep down, I do feel bad, I was so crazy in love and it was just hard to...I just could not not talk to him. It was really, really hard." Check it out below.

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