It is always entertaining when artists are able to laugh at themselves. The industry is filled with fake personas and tough images, so when someone is able to step back and take in a few jokes about their viral moments, fans eat it up. The latest artist to receive TikTok attention is Omarion who has recently made waves on the app over a years-old performance.

In a clip, Omarion is seen on stage as he breaks out in what looks to be an impromptu dance moment. The singer is well known for his moves, but people couldn’t help but laugh about the steps all these years later.

Omarion Issues Challenge After His Dance Moves Go Viral On TikTok
Jon Kopaloff / Stringer / Getty Images

Soon, dozens of people took to social media to reenact the dance moves, and now, Omarion is ready to make it a full-on challenge. We’re just a few weeks out of the 2021 Millenium Tour launch and B2K’s frontman surfaced on Instagram with a message to those revisiting his former performance.

“#Omarionchallenge Thank you to all of the funny people on the Internet for making this a thing.. [crying laughing emojis]. It was only right. #Jokesonyou [purple heart emoji][praying hands emoji]. @jdim123 @nienie1love @toyinsogunro @kailanirae @0ryan0ryan @__peterpinnock @sirtimbo #Squaaadddd #Millennium tour2.”

Omarion and his squad gave their updated renditions of the moves, so check it out, and a few others, below.