Mother and mom-ager of "Pop Out" rapper, Polo G,  decided to join Nicki Minaj in hopping on the latest Instagram trend in hip hop.

In her video, Stacia Mac chooses to pay homage to Nicki Minaj’s post instead of making her own bars. She quotes Nicki in saying: "Attention, this is how bad bitches go on vacation but really still be at home," while also adding her own flair. After echoing the Nicki's lines, she throws on her sunglasses, and then the video pans out to her breathtaking pool and home.

Friends and fans showed her love in the comments. Asian Doll commented, "Let’s gooooo," while a friend jokingly said, "Yeah when I’m back in ATL me & the kids coming over lol!!!," to which Stacia sweetly responded, "come on boo."

Nicki Minaj was the first video response to Yo Gotti’s challenge, to which the “Rake it Up” rapper responded “The Queen !!

Yo Gotti’s original still remains the most extravagant, as he literally was drowning in money, jumping into a pool in his backyard cave full of 100 dollar bills.

Stacia Mac is sure to be a name you hear again, because, in addition to Polo GAsian Doll just announced that Stacia is her new manager earlier this week. Asian Doll has had a rough couple of months after the death of her ex-boyfriend “Took Her to the O” rapper King Von. If Stacia is able to turn around Asian’s career, it could incidentally elevate both to new heights.

Which celebrity would you like to see do the #backyardchallenge next?