Despite his private room looking pretty uncomfortable, it turns out that it’s still pretty expensive to rent out an entire stadium for yourself. Kanye West has been living inside the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta ever since his DONDA listening session last week and he’s looking set to extend his stay by another week as he puts the finishing touches on the album. Fans have had a lot to say about his bedroom, which appears to have been set up inside a storage closet or locker room, and now, the price he’s paying for his extended stay has seemingly been revealed.

Reporter Karyn Greer has heard word that Kanye is paying over $1 million every day to stay inside the stadium. Considering the fact that he’s a billionaire, that’s not the biggest expense for the music legend. However, with the way his room is looking, we think he may have been overcharged by a tad.

It’s unclear when Kanye plans to leave Mercedes-Benz Stadium but he has already announced a second event on August 5, inviting fans into his temporary home once again to play the album.

The Mercedes-Benz Stadium has embraced Kanye’s stay inside the building, temporarily changing its name on social media to “DONDA Studio.” 

Are you excited for DONDA to finally arrive?