With a promise of receiving a new album from Kanye West last week, it should’ve come as no surprise that DONDA did not hit streaming services. The rapper played his new album from top to bottom at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA before deciding that he needed more time. Fans waited all day on Friday only to learn from Justin LaBoy that the album was pushed back to the first week of August.

Kanye West: Mercedes-Benz Stadium Renames To "DONDA Studio" Briefly
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

The good thing is Kanye is hard at work. The rapper was reported to have moved into the Mercedes-Benz Stadium temporarily where he and his crew have set up their studio in a dressing room. It’s an unorthodox method, for sure but Kanye is never the one to take a traditional route. Last night, he shared a photo of his “bedroom” which primarily consists of a mattress and a closet with a few pieces of clothing. 

What seemingly confirmed ‘Ye’s residence inside of the stadium was his brief appearance in the crowd during the Atlanta United Soccer Match. The rapper had pulled up in the exact same outfit that he donned at the listening party so fans were at least aware that he was working laboriously on DONDA.

Mercedez Benz Stadium has embraced Kanye’s presence in its facilities. For a brief moment on Twitter, they changed their name to “DONDA STUDIO At Mercedes-Benz Stadium.” It has since been changed but there are door signs that read “DONDA Studio.” Clearly, the good folks at the Mercedez-Benz Stadium have no problem with Kanye living in their venue for a few more weeks.