Even though new albums don't always get a proper physical release, music is still one of the most long-lasting forms of media. Where interviews or videos on YouTube may disappear, the albums, EPs, and singles that artists leave behind tend to stand the test of time. Roddy Ricch may agree with that sentiment because on Kanye West's imminent tenth studio album Donda, the Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial artist took a moment to officially squash any lingering differences between the two Grammy award-winning rappers.

For those unfamiliar with the tension between Roddy Ricch and Ye, the former artist found himself in a befuddled state after stumbling across the video that Kanye West posted to Twitter that featured him urinating on one of his Grammy trophies.

The video reportedly irritated Roddy to the point that the typically anti-social media artist ranted about West's actions on Instagram.

"If I get nominated for six Grammys, and a n***a I look to have twenty-five of these muthaf*ckas, and I come in here and I want to get nominated for six this year," Roddy can be heard saying in the clip. "I feel that's a good number. And this year, the n***a just piss on that sh*t. How you think that made the world look at my accomplishment? That I worked for. I did all this sh*t! And you pissing on sh*t. That sh*t be lame."

Roddy Ricch's criticism eventually went viral, and months later, he hit Big Boy's Neighborhood for an interview and discussed the situation further. 

When speaking to Big Boy, Roddy explained that he had initially just reacted off of pure emotion, and he clarified that there was no bad blood between him and the Jesus Is King artist

"I feel like what I was saying, I needed to gather my thoughts more and say it how I wanted to say it. What I was saying was I grew up looking to a Kanye or Jay as like, if I do this, I wanna have twenty [Grammys] because that's what they did," the 22-year-old artist remarked. "When I seen [Kanye] pissing on a Grammy, it kinda rubbed me wrong 'cause I was like, damn n***a, now that I'm getting nominated, I feel like everybody's sh*tting on the accolades....In that moment, that's more so what I was thinking. No disrespect to Kanye because he's a legend. He's the guy. I pulled up on him, we chopped it up so it ain't no disrespect to him."

Although he didn't talk in further detail about what pulling up on Kanye was like, it turns out that the two creative forces eventually teamed up for one of the songs on DONDA. A snippet from the listening event in Atlanta has surfaced that previews Roddy's contribution to the album, and during the clip, you can hear Roddy recounting that aforementioned moment on wax.

In the snippet, Roddy airs out his grievances with Ye once and for all, rapping, "They said I was mad at the Grammys, but I'm looking at my Grammy right now/Pulled up on Ye and said they don't understand me, I just want my dog to pipe down."

The audio quality of Roddy Ricch's feature isn't the best, but seeing that we're still awaiting the official release of DONDA, it will have to do for the time being. Check it out below.