Back in September, Tory Lanez wiped his Instagram clean and tweeted, “It’s been real,” without any explanation.

Fans speculated that Lanez was heading to jail, as a result of his ongoing court case stemming from allegations that he shot Megan Thee Stallion in the feet back in 2020. However, Lanez put that speculation to rest, and in a series of social media post, announced that his new album, Alone At Prom, was on the way. 

Today, Lanez released the first single off Alone At Prom, “Lady Of Namek.” 

Channeling a character he dubbed Ashton Rain, Lanez confirmed that Alone At Prom is going to sound like it was pulled straight from the 80s. “Lady Of Namek” is full of hard-hitting synths, and finds Lanez stepping back from hip-hop and R&B, and embodies the sound and feel of the decade it truly belongs it. 

Tory Lanez Channels The 80s With New Single "Lady Of Namek"
Image via Tory Lanez/One Umbrella

According to Lanez, Rain is “a mixture of Hall & Oates, Toto, Michael Jackson, Rick James and more,” and pays homage to a time when “music was so retro and nostalgic that the character had to be created and authenticated through film, picture and music video.” 

Quotable Lyrics
She left me back in my room with no trace
Why the f*ck’d you come? Just to show face?
It drives me crazy (Baby)
It doesn’t matter what I do, you still gon’ play me

Check out “Lady Of Namek” below and let us know what you think in the comments.