On Thursday, it was revealed that Blueface had gotten a massive tattoo of “NYC LUXURY,” which is his jeweler’s name, on the side of his head, and naturally, it was only a matter of time before fans started roasting the Los Angeles rapper about his peculiar choice of ink. However, things took a nosedive for the worse when 6ix9ine decided to get it on the fun as well.

Taking to the comment section of DJ Akademiks‘ post, 6ix9ine made fun of the tattoo itself and then proceeded to come for Blueface’s pockets, claiming that “he definitely owed them money for unpayed jewelry.” And being the troll that he is, 6ix9ine took it a step further by sharing a skit of him going into a jewelry store and purchasing a $2,200 chain in exchange for a head tattoo. 


Apparently, 6ix9ine’s antics were too much for Blueface on Thursday, and seeing that the two artists have had issues with each other before, their back-and-forth started to quickly escalate on Instagram. 

“You literally trying to hard to stay relevant,” Blueface wrote back at 6ix9ine, and then he proceeded to share damning posts about 6ix9ine in which the TattleTales rapper admitted to “beating the sh*t” out of his ex-girlfriend Sara Molina.


DJ Akademiks caught wind of the heated back-and-forth on Instagram and reposted what Blueface had to say about the situation, and Blueface hit the comment section to question why 6ix9ine is quick to get into arguments on social media but hesitant to fight him in real life. The “Thotiana” rapper even challenges 6ix9ine to get into the ring with him.

“Y he won’t get ina ring wit me ak ?” Blueface wrote under DJ Akademik’s post.


True to his character, 6ix9ine responded by placing the blame for Sara Molina’s injuries on someone else, saying, “Shottie did this to her.”

Whether or not they actually get into the ring, are you interested in watching Blueface and 6ix9ine handle their differences in a boxing match?