If there’s one person who has played a significant role in keeping Tekashi 6ix9ine relevant in hip-hop media, it’s DJ Akademiks. Now, we all know that the two have a tight-knit relationship, even if Ak has stated that he’s impartial in 6ix9ine’s feuds. A few weeks ago, he revealed that he had mediated a conversation between Tekashi and Wack100 which finally dropped this morning.

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Lil Durk">
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As expected, tensions ran high throughout the 3-hour-long podcast as Tekashi 6ix9ine and Wack ironed out the issues that have been boiling over the past few years. At one point in the conversation, 6ix9ine and Wack landed on the topic of Lil Durk who the rainbow-haired rapper insists should fight him.

“Before you leave Miami, you call Durk and get him in the same room as me — make it happen. You got the phone right there,” 6ix9ine demanded as Wack stared across the table with his arms crossed. “And what? I can make that call,” Wack responded. “You wanna head on with Durk?”


A head on with Durk. The bathroom right there,” 6ix9ine said, claiming that he’s “been doing that.”

“You weren’t doing that in jail,” Wack said before 6ix9ine started listing off his apparent credentials.

“2015, when I was on Riker’s Island in the three-building at A top, I was gettin’ in the bathroom with YG n***as. Are you fucking kidding me?!” 6ix9ine said as his face turned red with fury. However, he ultimately set Wack up for the punchline.

“Were you drugged in the bathroom or you was voluntarily going into the bathroom?” Wack asked. “As big as you want to talk, you’re not that big.”

Check out the full interview below. The bit on Durk starts around the 31:50-mark.