Meek has kept active in recent weeks thanks to the rise in popularity of Clubhouse, amongst many other things. Meek always seems to be a target, with the public looking to go after him for anything they can, including the $20 he gave some young hustlers for a water bottle. After teasing a new streaming platform venture with the likes of Lil Durk, Lil Baby, and 21 Savage, Meek has also continued to give back to the community in as many ways as he can

Although he’s been extremely busy, Meek always seems to find a way to create some music. Although it’s only been a month since the release of his latest EP, Quarantine Packit seems like Meek has been ready to put out some more. After teasing some new music last month, Meek posted another snippet this week of what might come in 2021. 

<a href="/profile/MeekMill" class="text-word" target="_blank" >Meek Mill</a> Teases January Drop Date: "New Flames Coming"
Mike Coppola/Getty Images for TIDAL

A few days ago, Meek posted an Instagram story teasing the fans with a brief snippet of music that cut off before the beat dropped. The video was captioned with the phrasing, “new flames coming January first”.

We’re not sure if Meek is teasing the follow-up to Championships, or if he’ll just be dropping a new single or video, but we do know that it will be coming soon and that he has a lot more music in the stash.