Meek Mill has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and since being released from jail two years ago, Meek has been looking to do everything possible to make people's lives easier. From police reform to initiatives that put money into his community, Meek has been all over the place and it has made him an appreciated figure in hip-hop. Meek is also all about empowering artists and now, it seems like he has found a new way to do so, although he needs just a bit of help to get there.

While taking to Twitter on Christmas Day, Meek announced that he wanted to start a brand new music platform with the likes of Lil Baby, Lil Durk, and 21 Savage. This platform would be owned by the artists which means they would get a better cut of their sales. As Meek noted, he's going to need some help from Silicon Valley to make this happen.

"Me lil baby Durkio tryna get somebody in Silicon Valley to build us our own music platform we can be majority owner in! We will pay!! We need top Silicon Valley steppers please!" Meek wrote. "21 gone link in too we need some app options we looking for the best platform builders!!!! Tryna get started 2021."

At this point, it remains to be seen how the venture will play out, although this certainly sounds like it has a ton of potential.

Meek Mill

Kevin Winter/Getty Images for The Recording Academy