Indiana-based artist midwxst has been going viral on TikTok all year with his hyperpop-rap blend, creating a whole new lane for himself. As the next generation gravitates toward a more electronic style of production, especially in pop and hip-hop, midwxst caters to them with his playful energy and vibe. As he continues to gain recognition ahead of the release of his new EP BACK IN ACTION, the “Tic Tac Toe” artist stopped by to tell us a little more about himself and where he’s from, starring in the latest episode of Top 5s.

The rising star started off by naming his favorite things to do in the oft-overlooked state of Indiana, placing a particular focus on his city, Carmel. Describing himself as a “happy nerd” who grew up in a military family and had aspirations to join the army himself, midwxst reveals that his main hobby in Indiana is to go paintballing with his friends.

midwxst Reveals He Got Into Music From "Roblox" On "Top 5s"

Much like YBN Nahmir, Almighty Jay, and Cordae began rapping after meeting each other playing Xbox, midwxst also transitioned to a career in music from video gaming. His favorite franchise, perhaps unsurprisingly, is Call Of Duty, but it was another game that got him started in music.

“I literally got into music from Roblox,” admitted the artist. “It’s a crazy coincidence. I was in the car community in Roblox for the longest and a bunch of people would build 3D models of cars in Blender, which is a 3D software. From that, I got into the car community but the car community opened the door to the music community for me ’cause there were some producers in the little Discord community I was in. They sent me beats, I started recording over those beats and I created a really good friendship with them.”

Check out the new episode of Top 5s with midwxst above and be sure to listen to his new single here.

midwxst Reveals He Got Into Music From "Roblox" On "Top 5s"