Before he became a podcast legend, NORE was a certified hitmaker who worked with all of the greats. However, it sounds like some of our modern-day legends may have not recognized this. On the latest episode of Drinks Champs with Ace Hood, NORE discussed the time that he got incredibly petty with Big Sean. In retrospect, he acknowledged that maybe he didn’t reach out to the right people to get Big Sean on the track but nonetheless, he felt some type of way about their interaction.

“Maybe I went through the wrong people to get to Big Sean because when I seen him later on in life, he acted like he really didn’t understand,” NORE began. “I’m still cold as shit but I’m still NORE.” He said that he saw Sean at a concert backstage and right when the rapper was getting off stage, he handed him a CD as if he was an unsigned artist. 

It was a connect at Roc Nation that NORE was communicating with but ultimately, the record never came into fruition. In fact, NORE never even received a response or anything regarding the collab. “To me, it’s disrespect. It’s big time disrespect, right?” He added before pouring up a shot for ‘disrespect.’ “I ain’t got no problem with Big Sean… We outside as we usually be. Big Sean sees us in town, walks up to me. Says, ‘I’m a big fan,‘” NORE continued with a look of disapproval on his face. “I said, ‘No you’re not!”

“I was like, no you’re not. This is — now Drink Champs is working. This is a different thing,” he added, explaining that he didn’t think Sean’s intention was to get on the podcast. “Bro, I came to you first. I brung to your peoples. Now, I’ma blame his peoples more than I’mma blame him because I can tell from his reaction, he was not prepared. He did not know about all these calls,” he explained. “But he remembered that CD hand-off. There’s no way you don’t remember me handing you that CD. That’s the reason why I didn’t connect with the five.”

While everyone in the room seemed to just acknowledge the story without wanting to inappropriately chime in, Ace Hood affirmed NORE’s feelings on the situation. NORE did add that he’s a fan of Sean but he wasn’t a fan of that particular reaction. 

Check out the latest episode of Drink Champs below.