Ray J has been in headlines in recent times and not all of it has been for great reasons. The entertainer had his personal business relating to his family aired out a few weeks back and it appears his pregnant wife is still adamant about getting a divorce. She essentially accused him of ditching her and their daughter in Vegas to party with strippers, although he's made it clear that he was only out there for business reasons.


With a new line of RayCon products coming out soon, it appears that he's been doing the whole press run thing. Some of it has involved his personal life while he's also discussed a few of his ventures as an artist and an entertainer. Drinks Champs recently shared a clip from an upcoming podcast with Ray J who admits that he was "mentally petty" when he went after Kanye and Kim on "I Hit It First."

"I think at that time, I was just mentally petty. Mentally petty and just having too much fun," he said about the track. "Really not thinking about the other side and how it might make people feel. Not just the other side of who I was talking about but just really, the fans and people, who, like depend on you to do right."

Peep the entire episode of Drink Champs below.