An unlikely beef was introduced back in December 2019, and it was officially put to rest during yesterday’s (January 21) Verzuz. The world bore witness to O.T. Genasis and Keyshia Cole going back and forth over his Crip cover of her hit single “Love,” and things escalated when the rapper took aim at the singer’s mother. Frankie Lons has shared her journey to recovery with a worldwide audience on reality television, and last year, Keyshia shared that Lons had entered rehab.

After posting a few insults about Frankie’s substance abuse struggles, O.T. Genasis became a target. Keyshia Cole’s sisters Neffe and Elite Noel went after the rapper, and time has not made the animosity dissipate. After Genasis made an appearance on Verzuz with Cole, Elite Noel shared a video where she made it clear she was not happy to see their union.

“Let me just tell y’all where it went left, for me,” said Noel in a video posted to Instagram. “‘Cause you know, I’m motherf*ckin’ Keyshia ’til the day I d-i-motherf*ckin’-e. When you let a n*gga hug you that got on the internet jokin’ about sellin’ yo mama motherf*ckin’ crack, that’s when I gotta take a step back. B*tch, that’s a no-go for me. You can’t touch me, you can’t breathe on me, you can’t—I don’t give a f*ck about what none of y’all gotta say. Don’t touch me if you brag about or laugh about sellin’ my motherf*ckin’ mama—the b*tch who birthed us…the reason y’all got Keyshia is ’cause Frankie didn’t give up.”

Reactions to the video were divided as some people were pleased that the Keyshia and Genasis could put the drama behind them while others agreed with Elite’s take on the situation. Watch the video below.