OT Genasis

Real Name
Odis Oliver Flores
Date of Birth
Jun. 18, 1987 - Age 36
Long Beach

Artist Bio

They don't make them like O.T. Genasis, one of hip-hop's more underappreciated hustlers. Upon moving from Atlanta to Long Beach, the place he built his name and fortune, O.T. spent a large portion of his teenage years honing his artistry and hustling on the streets. In 2012, Genasis' grind ultimately won over 50 Cent, who locked him down to a brief stint on G-Unit records; though the partnership didn't last long, the G-Unit years did lead to Genasis' debut mixtape Black Belt. After moving on from the Unit, O.T. ultimately joined forces with another hip-hop legend, joining Busta Rhyme's budding Conglomerate for a productive spell.

In 2019, O.T Genasis earned himself newfound notoriety after releasing a cover of Keyshia Cole's 2006 single "Love," which found him passionately belting out unprocessed and undoubtedly from-the heart-vocals. Though Cole herself was not exactly pleased with O.T's musical antics, Cole's Crip anthem "Never Knew" quickly became a cult classic, performed at concerts and house parties in equal frequency. A character in the truest sense, it's hard not to root for O.T. Genasis, as talented on the mic as he is securing the bag.

Image via Phillip Faraone/Getty Images