News of the indictment against Louisville officer Brett Hankison has caused discord throughout the United States as thousands take to the streets in protest. It has been expected that Louisville, Kentucky would see disgruntled citizens gather together as a press release yesterday (September 22) stated that the city would be enforcing a curfew and would have the National Guard patrolling the streets. Still, defiant residents have vocalized their ire in Louisville, and it’s now being reported that two officers have been shot.

Two Louisville Police Officers Shot In Wake Of Breonna Taylor Protests: Report
Drew Angerer / Staff / Getty Images

Initial reports stated that one officer was injured, but news has been updated to say that two police officers were shot and wounded. The status of the officers and the severity of their injuries has not yet been shared at the time of this publication. Max Gersh, a photographer working for The Courier Journal, said he saw “a line of officers move toward a gas station with rifles up. Shortly after, they had somebody pinned to the ground and cuffed.”

It’s also being reported that along with protesters, there is a heavily armed, White, far-right militia named the National Patriotic Defense Team who are also marching through the streets of Louisville. This comes weeks after two Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies were ambushed and shot while sitting in their patrol vehicle.