There are few names that wield the type of power that Dave Chappelle’s does. The legendary comedian has decided to speak on topics that hit home for millions of Americans, and he does it with such wisdom and insight that it has made him a leader. T.I. recognized this contribution to art that Chappelle has provided with a special present, one that he gave him on IG Live. 

T.I. took to the popular social media app to broadcast a hangout with himself, Dave Chappelle, 2 Chainz, and Westside Gunn. The crew of millionaires interact with each other in a room painted with red light. A few jokes are cracked, and T.I. presents Dave as the next Ohio governor before proceeding to bless him with a gift. The gift was an ode to Dave’s Prince skit from his infamous Comedy Central show. The word “Blouses” is written in illuminated script letters. Underneath the words are an artist’s rendition of Prince blocking a shot by LeBron James.

After the gifting ceremony is complete, the gentlemen boast about their cars and make other spirited jokes before T.I. signs off. Chappelle has been “secretly” filming dozens of stand up shows with guests out in a cornfield for months now. Expect the comedian to sell this footage to Netflix for a hefty bag.