Waka Flocka just couldn’t help but make fun of his wife, Tammy Rivera, for trying her hand at Megan Thee Stallion’s viral #SavageChallenge. After Megan Thee Stallion launched the TikTok dance challenge, in which participants perform specific choreography that coincides with the chorus of her song, “Savage,” off her recently released EP, Suga, plenty of female celebrities got on board, including Tinashe, KeKe Palmer, and more. Now, reality star Tammy Rivera is taking a stab at the fun, carefree routine, but her famous hubby is making it difficult for her to finish the job. Waka, who currently stars in Waka & Tammy: What The Flocka with Tammy, could be heard in the background of Tammy’s Instagram live stream, where she was attempting to do the #SavageChallenge, dragging his wife for attempting the challenge.

Waka Flocka Clowns Wife For Attempting #SavageChallenge
Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for BET

The clip begins with Tammy telling him “you can’t see you,” to which he exclaims, “you ain’t supposed to see me!” Tammy reminds him, “I’m doing it for you!” but as she begins to count down, Waka says she’s actually “doing it for Instagram.” After Tammy clarifies she’s “doing it for you, for Instagram, for you,” she starts the choreography, but quickly gets interrupted. “You need to sit yo married ass down,” Waka tells her. “You look stupid.” Tammy was not happy about that, proceeding to tell him that “that’s the sh*t I’m talking about. When I try to do stuff for you, you don’t want me to do it.” While she’s going off on him, Waka can be heard mockingly singing the lyrics in the background. Tammy goes on to tell him, “I can do it if I want to.”


Tammy shared the video on Instagram, writing in the caption, “Y’all see how @wakaflocka talk to me! I promise ima learn this sh*t and I’ll be back!!!” She followed up this statement in the comments, exclaiming, “All y’all got me f*cked up!” Let’s hope take two is more successful.