The DeBarges are a family full of talent, but they’ve also been plagued with scandal. For generations, fans have watched as controversies have followed the famous singing relatives, but with as much success as they’ve amassed for decades, they can’t seem to shake ongoing addiction issues. El DeBarge is one of the most well-known members of the family, most notably because of his classic collaboration with Quincy Jones, “Secret Garden.” His addiction to crack cocaine led to a stint behind bars, but since being released a decade ago, he’s been clean and sober.

Bobby DeBarge was arrested alongside his brother Chico DeBarge in the late 1980s for drug trafficking. Bobby would later lose his life to AIDS in 1995. James DeBarge is the father of Kristina DeBarge, a singer who has appeared as a cast member off Growing Up Hip Hop. James was briefly married to Janet Jackson back in the ’80s and has suffered from drug addiction throughout the years.

According to a report by TMZ, while it’s been believed that Chico has been sober, the singer has recently been arrested on drug charges. The outlet states that Chico was spotted by officers at a Walmart parking lot jimmying the lock of an SUV. While questioning him, cops reportedly searched Chico’s pockets and found meth. When they were finally able to open the SUV, there was allegedly more drug paraphernalia found inside.

Authorities later learned that the vehicle belonged to Chico and that he’d locked his keys inside of his car. He was taken into custody and has since been released, but TMZ states that no formal charges have yet to be placed. Check out a few DeBarge jams below.