Machine Gun Kelly has been flexing his skills outside the realms of rap lately, from acting in upcoming films like Big Time Adolescence alongside Pete Davidson and action-western flick The Last Son Of Isaac LeMay to plans of dropping a punk pop album. However, the papaya-loving emcee assures us all that he will not be abandoning hip-hop or the music industry anytime soon.

Machine Gun Kelly Speaks On Career Status: "I’m Bored Of Normal"
Jason Koerner/Getty Images

The self-prcolaimed “blonde don” took to Twitter yesterday (March 11) to give his million-plus followers an update on his current career moves. “Just because i’m acting doesn’t mean i stop making music,” he wrote, following with another line that read, “just because i’m making a pop punk album doesn’t mean i stop rapping.” A move from hardcore hip-hop into the indie/alternative scene might be scary for some artists, but MGK says that doesn’t apply to him by also adding, “just because ‘you’ fear something new doesn’t mean i’m going to.” He concluded his message with one final line that read, “a creative’s job is to break the barriers not stay inside them,” ending things with the simple statement “i’m bored of normal.” Whether or not his rapper-turned-actor status or the Tickets To My Downfall album prove to be missteps in the long run, we just commend the dude for following his own path as an artist.

Read Machine Gun Kelly’s original tweet below and let us know if you agree with his overall message: