It's not uncommon to hear a variation of "people are offended by everything these days," but sometimes it's hard to disagree. Especially in such instances as this one, which stemmed in response to Machine Gun Kelly's brand new video "why are you here." If you haven't yet seen it, be advised that it does contain suggestive use of fruit, should that prove to be your vice. Now, that's not to say what a papaya does or does not resemble -- that's for your own imagination to work out -- but it's clear that MGK took a few creative liberties with the nutrient-rich fruit.

Machine Gun Kelly Why Are You Here Video Fruit

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Sadly, some of MGK's chosen imagery has left some viewers in a shambolic state. So much so that Gunner decided to hit up Instagram to issue a public service announcement of sorts, contextualizing the ridiculousness of the situation. In such cases, a dry tone is often the wisest course of action -- in that regard he certainly delivers. 

"Okay so I saw some of you are offended by a certain scene in a music video I just released," he prefaces, playing the clip in question. "Man, that's heavy stuff. Let's just, for perspective, talk about some things in 2020 we should be worried about. Hate crimes -- fuck that. Corona Virus. It's a big deal. Offensive Fruit? I'm going to go ahead and say chill the fuck out. It's a papaya." Wise words from Machine Gun Kelly -- check out the video in question right here.