Even with a new fiancé and a baby on the way, Damon Dash is still head over heels in love with former girlfriend and late R&B icon Aaliyah. On what would’ve been her 41st birthday yesterday (Jan. 16), Dame made sure to let all his Instagram followers know that his affection for the “One In A Million” singer will go on and on and on. 


“Happy birthday…will always love you,” Dash wrote as a caption on a pic of the pair at the premiere of Nicole Kidman’s 2001 thriller The Others in New York City, following up by writing, “never knew what being in love was like till I meet you…now I know how to recognize it when it’s real…” Dame and Aaliyah began dating in summer 2000 after a heavily-photographed July 4th weekend party at the Hamptons mansion he shared with former business partner Jay-Z. It was rumored that Hov and Baby Girl may have been in the talking phase during the time, but that’s never been confirmed other than Dame himself saying that Jay was “trying to get to Aaliyah.” While Dame hasn’t really had the best of luck with press lately, from going at Jay-Z (yet again) and suing WeTV to even beefing with his own daughter, it’s good to see him showing us the best side of his personality. 

Watch this clip of Dame and Aaliyah during the good ol’ days, having a night out on the town in 2001 at another movie premiere for Planet Of The Apes. Happy birthday, Queen: