Wack 100 is likely one of the best-known music managers in the entire world. Representing The Game and Blueface, the man has no problem separating himself from his artists, letting his own opinion be known and building his clout profile. As of late, Wack has been all over the news for his comments about Nipsey Hussle and the late rapper’s status as a legend. After stating that he does not believe Hussle can rightfully be considered a legend, he allegedly got into a fight with the star’s bodyguard at Rolling Loud in Los Angeles, getting knocked to the ground. In a wild new video interview, Wack spoke with Jason Lee and Hollywood Unlocked to touch on all the hot topics he’s found himself wrapped up in.


One of the most interesting points that Wack 100 had during the interview revolves around Tekashi 6ix9ineThe rainbow-haired recording artist was sentenced to twenty-four months in prison for gang-related crimes this week and Wack wants people to know that he thinks the star did nothing wrong.

“This is what’s going to happen to 6ix9ine. 6ix9ine’s gonna get out, he’s gonna move to Europe he’s gonna be a bigger streaming artist than before he left… In defense of 6ix9ine, 6ix9ine did nothing wrong,” he said at the 28-minute mark. “Do you blame 6ix9ine or do you blame that fucking block. They knew he was not a gangsta so why you subjecting him to gangsta shit.”

Of course, the topic of what constitutes a legend was brought up with Wack clarifying that the discography Nipsey Hussle created while alive was not enough for him to be in the conversation. Numbers-wise, Juice WRLD gets close but he wasn’t out for nearly long enough and Wack wouldn’t call the late 21-year-old the L-word either. That talk takes place at the 39-minute point, directly followed by his comments on the Rolling Loud fight. Watch below.