The Game and Blueface's manager Wack 100 has been speaking out of pocket about Nipsey Hussle and the late rapper's legendary status, claiming that the fallen soldier does not constitute the definition of a legend. Of course, that statement was bound to get him in trouble with Hussle's people. This weekend was Rolling Loud in Los Angeles and when the festival closed out, reports started breaking about a fight that took place between Wack 100 and J-Roc, Nip's former bodyguard. Video footage took a while to surface but it's officially on the web, showing the moments that took place prior to the alleged fight.

Last night, Wack 100 saw his name trending on Twitter after people started claiming that he had gotten into a physical altercation with a member of Nipsey Hussle's team. A video shows Wack in a sea of people, seemingly looking for somebody on Hussle's team. The man in question appears to be J-Roc and shortly after the video was taken, some say a fight broke out with J-Roc landing some pretty hard punches. Wack has something to say about that though, requesting some tougher action next time.

Addressing the situation on social media, Wack 100 noted that he's ready for battle the next time somebody tries to run up on him. "I don't know if y'all hate me that much but Wack still on top," he says in the clip. "I don't know who talking about somebody whoop Wack ass," he said, showing off his face and proving that no damage was done. "Listen... try again. And next time you send a motherfucker, don't send a motherfucker that know how to run. Send a motherfucker that wanna fight."

We will continue to keep you updated as the other side of the story comes in.