The Game and Wack 100 have been closely affiliated for years, working together in a management capacity and ensuring that both men get to feed their families at the end of the day. These days, Wack is busier than ever before, also taking on Blueface as a client. Still though, he's found time to spit game, talking about Nipsey Hussle and maintaining a stance that the man was nothing close to a legend. As you would expect, the inflammatory remarks caused quite a stir on social media, leading Meek Mill and T.I. to explain why they believe Hussle was the embodiment of a legend. We were waiting for The Game to speak on the matter and, given his close ties to Wack 100, some thought he would chew out his manager. The opposite occurred though.

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

Sitting down in Big Boy's Neighborhood for a promotional interview surrounding his Born 2 Rap album, The Game was asked about Wack 100's Nipsey Hussle-related comments. Instead of berating his manager (who was also sitting in the room), Game decided to let the man speak on the issue himself when he's ready. 

"You're not gonna put me in the middle [of this] or twist that. What Wack [100] says, or what he wants to say, is really his own opinion," said Game. "Stop coming to Game or Big Boy and daying like 'what are you gonna do?' No, what are YOU gonna do? We, obviously are two different people with two different opinions."

Big Boy said that, eventually, he would have Wack 100 on his proper episode of the show to discuss the comments. Watch below at the 28-minute mark.