After he came out as a gay man on social media a few weeks ago, Lil Nas X was bombarded with supportive messages from his fanbase. Many of his supporters were proud of him for opening up to the world and speaking his truth, especially considering he had the number one song in the country at that time. “Old Town Road” is currently on the decline but LNX’s career is certainly not. Last night, he put on a stellar show at the MTV VMAs, performing “Panini” in front of the live audiences and millions at home. One moment that was not caught on the main camera occurred when Love & Hip Hop Miami star Bobby Lytes approached the rapper and tried to get close to him. The moment was awkward, to say the least.

<a href="/profile/Lil-<a href="/profile/Nas" class="text-word" target="_blank" >Nas</a>-X" class="text-word" target="_blank" >Lil Nas X</a> Looks Uncomfortable Chilling With Male "L&HH" Star Who Flirted With Him
Manny Carabel/Getty Images

Bobby Lytes was dressed in a revealing yellow outfit with his behind cut out to show off his fancy underwear. The reality star had previously told Lil Nas X to give him a call and this is presumably the first time they’ve actually met each other in person. Needless to say, Nas wasn’t particularly feeling Lytes.

Gesturing over to LNX, Lytes told his fans that the musician never plays around. Nas X proceeded to uncomfortably laugh because agreeing with him and promptly walking away. Do you think Bobby Lytes has a legitimate chance of getting with Lil Nas X after this?