Bobby Lytes Is Thirsting Over Lil Nas X Again

Bobby Lytes really liked what he saw in Lil Nas X’s new Calvin Klein campaign.

BYNoah C
Bobby Lytes Is Thirsting Over Lil Nas X Again

Bobby Lytes has been going all out trying to win over Lil Nas X's love and attention for months now. It all started back in June when the "Old Town Road" artist revealed to the world that he was gay, news which Bobby hoped would be a game-changer for him. Just a day later, the reality TV star posted a photo of LNX and quoted his hit in a suggestive manner. "Somebody tell Lil Nas X I’m tryna riiiiidee till I can’t no more!," Bobby wrote in the caption. For people who thought Bobby was already doing too much with this move, his interaction with LNX at the VMAs had them even more baffled. Bobby rocked assless chaps to the show and when he was spotted talking to his crush, the interest did not appear to be reciprocal. Bobby was dragged on Twitter for failing in his mission, despite his over-the-top outfit.

You can continue to clown Bobby if you wish, but he deserves to be praised for his perseverance. He is once again publicly shooting his shot at Lil Nas X. This time, his thirst was ignited by LNX's new Calvin Klein campaign. As we all know, these campaigns tend to be quite steamy, as they often require celebrities to pose in underwear. Even though Nas only wore pyjama pants in his shoot, Bobby still found something to get excited over. "Damn Zaddy! 👀 is that a gun? Or you just happy to see me?! 😛🍆," he captioned one of Nas' CK ads. No response from Nas yet, but Bobby is standing by his lusting. The Shade Room reposted his public plea, pointing out how he's not letting up, and he commented: "I’m not. So everyone can fall TF back!!"

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