You all know about the feud between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj at this point. The two celebrated female emcees have been going at each other for much of the last year, privately sending subliminal messages that some fans have been able to decode. While they both refuse to speak on the other in interviews, they appear to be doing a lot of bickering behind the scenes. Nearly one full year has passed since a shoe was thrown at an NYFW party, resulting in Cardi B walking out with a knot on her forehead, and there are still headlines being written about it. Earlier this week, Star Brim, Bardi’s dancer friend, revealed to the world that she would have evened the odds if she were in the building when Rah Ali, Nicki’s sidekick, threw punches at her bud. Now, Rah is reportedly digging back with some words of her own.

Her statement comes via the all-knowing celebrity gossip website TMZ, who apparently got word that Rah Ali is not happy about what was said about her during Star’s debut podcast. On Keepin It Bute, Star said that she would have “spanked” Rah if she were present at the party. She also said the same about Nicki, but elaborated that her security is so strong that she’d probably never get through. Now, Rah Ali is coming through with her own message. 

According to TMZ, Rah Ali believes that by dragging her name through the mud, Star Brim thinks she can cash in on her fifteen minutes of fame. She reportedly says that, instead of worrying about the fight from last year, she should figure out how to make a career outside of the strip club. Ouch.

Are you team Rah Ali (Nicki) or team Star Brim (Cardi)?