Chances are that by this point, you’ve heard a little bit about Blueface’s current family situation. His personal life has dominated the pages of gossip websites like The Shade Room because of just how particular his predicament is. The Cash Money West rapper is one of the biggest names in hip-hop right now but that hasn’t kept him on the best of terms with his family. Just a few weeks ago, a video went viral showing the young vocalist physically removing his mother and sister from his home after they got into an argument with his two girlfriends. His appearance on The Breakfast Club today touched on his qualms with polyamory but he didn’t necessarily dive too deep into his real-life family feud. His sister, however, came through with some vicious bars in a freestyle diss against her baby bro.

Blueface's Sister Trashes Him In Freestyle Rap: "You Can't Rap"
Liliane Lathan/Getty Images

Getting picked up by all the usual sources, Blueface’s sister can be seen spitting a few bars of her own, suggesting that her superstar brother should have stayed in football because he’ll never make another rap hit. “Since you was good at throwing footballs, guess you throwing shots/You my little brother, I don’t care about your buss/Guess since you a crip, you don’t care about your blood,” rapped the woman on video. She then went on to predict the outcome of Blueface’s career, telling him that he “should have stuck to football” because, in her opinion, he “can’t rap.” She even brought up Blue’s manager Wack 100, saying that he’s “not the only one that’s wack” in their business relationship. Ouf.

Watch part of the clip below. What are your thoughts on the beef between Blueface and his family?