What do you get for the man who has everything? Blueface has always been one to take destiny into his own hands. Perhaps that's how he ended up with not one, but two girlfriends, both seemingly dedicated to his well-being. Of course, such an open display of polyamory immediately captured attention, including those who make up The Breakfast Club. Perhaps that's why Blueface's most recent stop by The Breakfast Club kicked off with a few questions about his love life, which isn't always smooth sailing. 

"I'm kind of a dirtbag," smiles Blueface, before revealing that he does not, in fact, cheat. Still, the stress can be intense, as evidenced by Blueface's demeanor. "The beginning was the most stressful," he reflects. "Them having to watch, you know...Not technically watch, but you know, switch, watch. They was bisexual, but imagine you loving somebody and then somebody else come, and you gotta watch. You obviously watching, you there." Yee inquires about bedroom logistics, whether he has a designated bedroom for each. "We all in the same bed!" he says. "We's all in it together. We a full-fledged team." 

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

At least, they were. Blueface soon reveals that he had to cut them off, though he'll always be connected to his baby mother. And while that narrative is certainly interesting on a psychological perspective, hip-hop fans are likely more interested in his "best lyricist" claims. When pressed about it, Blueface maintains a straight face, as if receiving flat Earth theories at a cocktail party. "If you really listen, a lot of artists aren't really rapping no more," he explains. "Everybody singing, damn near RnB shit." Charlamagne counters that Blueface is not a lyricist, but can definitely craft catchy songs. "Man, I couldn't even argue that point with you," counters Blueface, "cause you probably never heard a song before."

"Bro you only know one song," he continues, after Charlamagne doth protest too much. Yet Tha God isn't done. He invokes the opinion of hip-hop veteran and Blueface's own manager, Wack 100. "I'ma be real," explains Wack. "All lyricists are lyricists. Nas, The Game. It's a different game now. If the rapper's rapper was winning, it'd be different people signed today. When you talking about making music, that's one of the reasons I signed him - his wordplay. I think what he's really meaning to say is his wordplay is crazy. It make me like, what did he say?"

Yet Blueface isn't unwilling to praise his fellow lyricists. "J. Cole be saying some shit," he says, before elaborating that he stands atop his generation exclusively. "He's more like a coach." For more from Blueface, be sure to check out the full interview below. Perhaps you'll find yourself converted into a fan.