Rapper, Thurz, from Inglewood, California was on Real 92.3’s Home Grown Radio show on Friday and may have accidentally spilled some beans he wasn’t supposed to. Thurz was discussing with the hosts how he’s been in the studio with Dr. Dre, and DJ HED asked if Thurz was every surprised by some high-profile people rolling through. Thurz mentions “3 Stacks” – as in Andre 3000, of course. DJ HED then expresses shock regarding what the enigmatic artist would be doing there, asking if he has any music in the works. Thurz nonchalantly replies, “he got a album”, to which everyone in the studio erupts. Thurz makes the face of someone who realizes they’ve just messed up, but the cat was already out of the bag. The way the whole interaction unfolds makes it seem like DJ HED got exactly what he was fishing for. 


Andre 3000 most recently featured on “Coming Home”, the opening track of Anderson .Paak’s Ventura album. His latest solo releases were two loosies dropped on SoundCloud in May of 2018 – one titled, “Look Ma No Hands” and the other, “Me&My (To Bury Your Parents)”. The former OutKast member has been repeatedly spotted playing the flute in random locations, such as the airport

Thurz, like Andre 3000 apparently, is working on an album and dropped a single called “Addicted” last month