It’s been a minute since we’ve heard Thurz and Ro Blvd together but thankfully, they’ve come through with some brand new heat. The rapper and producer released their new single, “Addicted” this week. The song serves as the latest single off of Thurz’ new project, Party In My Living Room which has yet to receive a release date. The two artists complement each other well on this record. Thurz kicks a laid back flow while detailing his love for all things California and the lifestyle associated with the West Coast. Ro Blvd cooks up a beat that’s tailor-made for the vibe. The keys have a bluesy feel to it while the drums on the track knock like a West Coast record should.

Peep the new single below.

Quotable Lyrics
I’m fresh up out the barber
I’m lookin’ like a starter
Ready for the final four
Now, all these broads what I’m smilin’ for
No seeing shells and that’s for sure
I’m at the seashore, import, export
I’m the product they addicted when I press record