One of New York’s shining stars right now is Flipp Dinero. The young talent has been on the rise for years and ever since releasing “Leave Me Alone,” he’s been overwhelmed with all the opportunities on his plate. The 23-year-old is working hard to become someone that will be viewed as an inspiration to future generations of musicians. He doesn’t want to be perceived as somebody who’s just in this for the money, even though that’s definitely a nice perk. Flipp Dinero might not be the biggest name in the world yet but he’s well on his way to becoming one of your favourite artists.

Despite having Dinero in his name, that’s not all he’s about. He grew up listening to Haitian music because of his parents but whenever he had time to himself, he would be bumping some rap classics like Jadakiss, Styles P, OutKast, and more. His mom and dad weren’t necessarily messing with his music taste and they would ask him to shut off his sound system all the time. Thankfully, he kept listening to the greats and honed in on his craft, quickly learning to take music seriously and wanting to morph himself into somebody that could change the world through his art. 

In our latest episode of On The Come Up, Flipp tells us all about how he got discovered by fellow New Yorker Joey Bada$$, his ties to DJ Khaled, Drake’s co-sign, and more.

Flipp Dinero started off his artistic journey by writing poetry and at a certain point, he began to spit his rhymes over beats. By the time he was 12 or 13-years-old, he was already heavy into songwriting. As for the first song he ever recorded, Flipp reveals that he was inspired by Meek Mill’s freestyle over Nicki Minaj’s hit song “Moment 4 Life.” After hearing Meek spit bars over the track, Flipp felt like he needed to get into the studio and try it out. The rest was history.

Flipp Dinero On How Joey Bada$$ Put Him On, Meeting DJ Khaled, & Drake's Co-Sign In "On The Come Up"

One of his first-ever connections in the game was Joey Bada$$, who put him in contact with many of the men and women he still works with today. Joey presented his sounds to all of his Pro Era peers, who were messing with it, and then he invited Flipp to meet the owner of Cinematic Music Group. Of course, many of us first heard of the Brooklyn sensation because of his alliance to DJ Khaled. The mega-producer used to share him all over his socials when he was just starting out and he helped Flipp earn a large fanbase before even hitting a home run with “Leave Me Alone.” Now that he’s added a couple of other hits to his arsenal, he keeps Khaled around as one of the men he respects the most in the industry.

Flipp Dinero On How Joey Bada$$ Put Him On, Meeting DJ Khaled, & Drake's Co-Sign In "On The Come Up"
After performing a spot-on DJ Khaled impression, Flipp Dinero told us about how he found out Drake was messing with his music. He recalled that moment as one where he absolutely lost his cool, calling his father to tell him the good news. The Canadian superstar had just posted a screenshot of “Leave Me Alone” to his Instagram story but we all know just how powerful his reach is. A Drake co-sign can take you the extra mile and with Flipp Dinero, it ended up working out.

Having already opened up for Jay-Z and Beyoncé on their joint tour at this early stage in his career, Flipp Dinero is absolutely destined for big things. Keep an eye on him because he’s got a lot planned for this year. Follow our OTCU playlist on Spotify below to peep some of his magic.