In the wake of these recent mass shooting tragedies that have occurred in Ohio and Texas, people have been speaking out against what they call domestic terrorism. Memes have circulated stating that white American males are the cause of many mass shootings in the United States, but not every social media network sees the images as free speech.

Charlamagne Tha God shared two photos on Instagram, but they were later removed because they were deemed to be hate speech. One photo read, “Terrorism is one of the only areas where white people do most of the work and get none of the credit.” The radio host shared that Instagram deleted his images and wrote, “Wow. @instagram took down both my memes about white males being the real face of terrorism in America. Wasn’t no hate speech in those captions. All I said was ‘You’re more likely to be killed by a white male than a Muslim terrorist in America.’ This is exactly why these mass shootings will continue to get worst because NOTHING WILL BE DONE and the truth of the matter will continue to be suppressed.”

“White males are protected in this country, always have been always will be,” he continued. “Just know if you continue to allow the unrestricted radicalization of these white men nobody will have peace anywhere. You can’t target them like you do black and brown people in the hood, this isn’t a contained situation because white males are EVERYWHERE but what do I know?”

Then, Instagram took down that post, as well. Charlamagne once again publicly aired out his grievances with the social network and things got tense enough that he talked with Insta executives. “Spoke to some higher ups at @instagram today,” Charlamagne wrote in a post. “They reposted my post that were taken down earlier. I want to thank them for that. We can’t allow truth to be called hate speech. The truth is If this system continues to allow the unrestricted radicalization of thousands of disaffected white men nobody in America will have peace anywhere and that’s my final answer.”