Desiigner’s 22nd Birthday Sparks Weird Episode Between Jake & Logan Paul

Desiigner celebrated his 22nd party in the company Chris Brown and a whole platoon of “male testosterone.”

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Desiigner’s 22nd Birthday Sparks Weird Episode Between Jake & Logan Paul

Desiigner's 22nd birthday was attended by a myriad of characters who match his level of zany. For starters, the party was set to take place at Jake Paul's private residence under the strangest of conditions.

Within a few hours of opening his doors to Desiigner's invited guests, Jake Paul would receive an unexpected notification on his social media feed. It was from his brother Logan, cutting a little promo for the party of his own accord. "If you don’t go to Jake Paul and Desiigner's party tomorrow, you’re a pussy," Logan stated in an ephemeral story post.

No big deal. Jake acknowledges receipt then proceeds to repost the message on his own Insta feed. Then out of nowhere, Jake Paul doubles up on his post by warning the would-be partygoers that "this party tomorrow may be the end of everything," he wrote unceremoniously, prompting the Paul fellowship to speculate on the current status of their sibling relationship. You might not care, but sometime in the past, Jake Paul basically ostracized his brother over a convoluted cheating scandal involving a fellow YouTuber named Alissa Violet.

Poor old (or young for that matter) Desiigner! Due to their sibling rivalry taking on a second life, the New York-bred rapper was forced to play second fiddle leading up to the big event. But as you can see (in the above video), the party unfolded quite naturally thanks to a guest list jam-packed with well-known party animals. Bella Thorne, Swae Lee, Justin Combs, Paris Brosnan, Trey Songz, Famous Dex, Cameron Dallas were all present for the birthday bash when the clock struck midnight - as were Jake (d'uh), Lamar Odom, and the MJ-2Pac incarnate himself, Chris Brown.


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