The Game isn't one to shy away from basking in the spotlight. When TMZ caught up with the LA rapper yesterday, the field reporter got right to it, asking him for his opinion on the comments made by Justin Bieber within hours of them linking up. It's really that simple: Biebs likens Chris Brown to a mixture of Michael Jackson and 2Pac, as it pertains to the attributes they both possessed.

That's where The Game comes into play, ready to drum up an impactful opinion on the spot. After being asked to comment on the likeness depicted in Justin Bieber's post, The Game reasoned that Biebs was within his right to make the comparison, in contrast to the popular opinion that Biebs is of his depth in conversations revolving around hip-hop or Black Culture. "Justin got his own opinion," The Game digressed before shifting the focus to Breezy's likeness. "I don't got to agree with Justin."

Interestingly enough, even though The Game goes out of his way to put Biebs in his place so to speak, he doesn't exactly disagree with him either. The Compton rapper did acknowledge tinges of MJ and Pac within Chris Brown's overall repertoire, but nonetheless wanted to make certain, in so many words, that "we" as in a person on the inside, should be making those judgment calls, and not Justin. The Game's message to the masses is quite simple. "As far as people not wanting to work with Chris Brown... "Fuck You!" Nothing more, nothing less.