Just when you thought Logan Paul was coming to his senses, he finds a new demographic with sensory language. So without further ado, I give to you, Logan Paul's latest blooper: a promise to "Go Gay" for the whole month of March. The infamous YouTube vlogger made the proclamation on his two-in-one podcast, Impaulsive with co-host Mike ‘Hey Big Mike’ Majlak. The conversation went a little like this..


'Big Mike' informs Paul that he's gone sober and vegan, without delay. In return, Logan Paul was supposed to keep the joke going by assuming the archetypal Vegan impression, but he didn't. Instead of pushing the fictional Vegan-Bro diatribe in a new direction, Paul began breaking down his 4-month behavioral plan. "January is sober vegan January and then February is…" he says before running off on a tangent. At this point, the conversation has the loose semblance of two dudes voicing their New Year's Resolutions, AT BEST.

When the conversation gets back on course, 'Big Mike' resumes their 4-month plan by insisting upon Day 1 provisions of steak, big bottles of Tito’s and shit, before they "turn their leaf." Then Logan Paul continues, “And then March—take a guess. … What is it? Male-only March. So it’s male-only March. We’re going to attempt to go gay for just one month," which in turn, elicits an excited grin, a few grunts, words, but little insight in return.


The entire conversation is borderline incomprehensible, but not trouble-free. Ultimately, the notion that Paul and 'Big Mike' could "Go Gay" just for the hell of it, invariably fell into the wrong hands. The consensus being: Logan Paul is an utter moron with an incomprehensible agenda. "Content Specialist" may very well overtake "Canceled" and "Woke" as seemingly positive expressions with little to no value whatsoever.