You better enjoy hearing as much new music by Freddie Gibbs as you can because the rapper claims his next record will be his last. We probably shouldn’t be worrying about that too much and instead should be focused on Gibbs and Madlib’s latest hip hop standout, Bandana. The record is the second in their trilogy series, the first being 2014’s Piñata and the next being an album titled Montana

Bandana is a record where Gibbs’s lyrical prowess merges with Madlib’s soulful-yet-street beats. “Palmolive,” which samples “Cry of a Dreamer” by The Sylvers, reads like a multi-collaborative project that you didn’t know you needed as Pusha T drops a verse and Run The Jewels’s Killer Mike loops in for the chorus. Per usual, Gibbs makes sure that his delivery isn’t filled with empty words and filler punchlines. “I feel like a lot of these n*ggas just put out too much music, man,” he said. “Every year it’s like three mixtapes or a lot of sh*t that don’t mean nothing. I want everything I give you to mean something.”

Quotable Lyrics

Take over your blocks, young n*ggas assimilate
We all break bread like going Dutch on a dinner date
The love of your life rap n*gga wear fake watches
The serial number don’t match the gift boxes